R Murray Schafer: Into The Mouth of the Wolf

R Murray Schafer is a stunning and controversial artist. His enigmatic career has eluded a documentary feature until now. The film begins in a small town in Eastern Ontario, and follows the stunning global influence of one our most treasured Canadians. 

Filming began in northumberland county, Ontario - 2015. Murray's story then took our crew on location in New York and California. Take a look at where we've been filming internationally. if you would like to contribute to our upcoming shoot in Tokyo, Japan please click below

Great Animal Orchestra. Paris, France – January 2017

The Great Animal Orchestra was a multimedia installation at Foundation Cartier based on the work of legendary recording artist Bernie Krause.
Krause's work in nature recording and sound theory is heavily based on Murray Schafer's The Tuning of the World.
The recordings were projected as histograms resembling musical scores. The natural world as orchestra.

XXIV Latin American Conference on Music Education. Lima, Peru – July 2018

In Lima we followed Musician and Educator Doug Friesen as he attended the conference and taught workshops on Murray Schafer's approach to music education.
In Interview with Marissa Fronterrada, the first to translate Schafer's work to Portugeuse.
We also had the opportunity to interview Violetta De Gainza (above) one of the first educators in South America to recognize the value of Schafer's work on music education.

The Global Composition. Dieburg, Germany – October 2018

The Global Composition, in Dieburg Germany, was a chance to check in with Soundscape enthusiasts from around the globe. Before getting too ill to travel, Schafer attended this conference in 2012. Since Murray Schafer popularized the concept of soundscapes with his groundbreaking work, The Tuning of the World, the field has expanded exponentially.
Long-time collaborator Hildegard Westercamp was in attendance and our crew went along with her for a Sound Walk.
Sabine Brietsameter (above) directed the conference and we sat down with her on our last day in Dieburg to ask her why so many young academics find Murray's work controversial.

Upcoming Trip: Tokyo Japan – March 21-26 2019

In his journals, Murray Schafer wrote glowingly about his travels to Japan, where he met with Toru Takemitsu, the renowned Japanese composer. Since Takemitsu's death Japanese composers and conductors have continued to perform Murray's work, and participate in the World Soundscape Project.
tokyo sound
Chifuru Matsubara (Right) has commissioned and conducted several of Murray Schafer's compositions in Japan. We will be conducting an interview with him to ask him why Murray's music is so important to Japan today.
We have arranged to travel to Japan during the third week in March. It is because of our contributors that we've been able to cover Murray Schafer's work internationally. Thank you for your contributions.

We are seeking funding for airfare, accommodations, and travel expenses while in Japan from March 21-27. Major contributors will receive special recognition in the credits as producers, and vip passes to a screening. thank you for your assistance. We could not make this film without you.

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